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About Us

Time and again our clients tell us it was the Modunite visual that helped them seal the deal on a new building project or convinced a customer to buy off-plan. Working with you, we take the vision your customer has in their head and turn it into a visual they have in front of their eyes.

A Modunite visual is a simple, affordable and effective way to convince customers a project should go ahead. You can use our service to demonstrate your creative understanding and separate your service from the competition.

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Our team

James Robertson - Co Founder & Operations Director

Will Clarke - Co-Founder & Sales Director

Michael Puddy - Managing Director

Patrick Millar - Account Executive

Carter Irons - Visualiser

Zachary Garratt - Studio Manager

Chelsi Endersby - Business Development Manager

Toma Mudure- Visualiser

Jacob Eason- Visualiser

Ryan Dunkley- Visualiser

Genevieve Sligo-Young- Visualiser 

George Thomas- Visualiser

Mark Riddick - Chairman

Damien Millns - Advisory Board Member

Bill Humphreys - Company Secretary 

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