Revolutionising Off-Plan Marketing (Case Study)

Case Study: Changing the World of Off-Plan Marketing with Modunite’s Flexible 3D CGI Services   Client Overview GTH (Greenslade Taylor Hunt) is an auction and property specialist based in the West Country, UK. Already a key player in the industry, GTH looked to Modunite to help bolster their off-plan marketing strategy with new and engaging […]

How OWD Group Leveraged Affordable 3D CGI to Close a BIG Sale

The Challenge OWD Group, like many businesses in the building sector, relied heavily on traditional 2D sketches to help their clients visualise their projects. However, Matt found that these sketches often fell short in truly capturing the vision of the project. He needed a solution that could provide a more immersive and realistic representation of […]

10 easy ways to market your new development project

As a property developer, you’ll naturally want to make sure you’ve left no stone unturned in your marketing efforts to maximise your return. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to better market your new project and boost interest from potential buyers. Selling property is all about attracting the right buyer at the […]

Why do virtual tours help sell houses?

When it comes to selling a property, there’s no magic formula to attract the perfect buyer at the right price. But, by making the most of modern technology – and leveraging it to help market your property – you can speed up the sale and simplify the entire process for both you and your prospective […]

How CGI is transforming the property industry

No matter the size or style of a property, computer-generated imagery (CGI) can be used to help both buyers and sellers. For house hunters, having access to CGI provides them with a clearer picture of a property’s layout and design – both internally and externally. This can streamline the process by helping buyers narrow potential options […]

How Can 3D Rendering Help Build a House?

Building a house, or any residential or commercial property, isn’t a straightforward process, from design to planning and foundations to finishing touches there are a lot of moving parts to any build. What if we told you that we can simplify at least part of the process for you? Showcasing all elements of your property […]

Modunite’s Top 3 Future Build Trends of 2024

Whether you made it to the 2024 Futurebuild show or not, there are a few key trends that are affecting the built environment. With a continued emphasis on sustainability and the environment, new technologies and building materials are helping to revolutionise the way we both design and construct buildings. In this blog we will cover […]

Predicted future trends of residential real estate

The residential real estate market is seemingly in a state of constant flux. With new technologies entering the fray and customer demands shifting all the time, it’s essential that companies keep up with the latest developments to stay ahead of the curve. Real estate is big business in the UK, and capitalising on the latest […]

A step-by-step guide to outsourcing rendering services

One modern advancement that’s seen a huge rise to prominence within the industry is image rendering and CGI. This technology has soared in popularity in recent years and is fast becoming an indispensable piece or marketing collateral for developers. It can seem daunting for developers who typically rely on traditional marketing methods to start utilising […]

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