June 11, 2024

Using creative CGI and VR walkthroughs to increase off-plan engagement

Case Study: How creative CGI helped increase plot leads for Yellow Tree Capital and Canham Homes


New Home Developers, Canham Homes entered into a joint venture with UK based property finance company Yellow Tree Capital, who in turn approached Modunite to help bring their latest 15 unit development, Henshaw Place, to life using engaging CGI property visuals.

Yellow Tree Capital had previously worked with other agencies to create CGI and digital dressings for empty rooms, but the results often appeared unrealistic due to incorrect scales or poor lighting and shadow effects, potentially deterring buyers as the quality generally aligns with the trust in the properties being sold.

In order to overcome the potential challenge of slow plot sales and create some bold new marketing, Canham Homes and Yellow Tree Capital came to Modunite with the brief of producing some fresh and inviting interior images and Virtual Reality (VR) walkthroughs of the site.

Clare Mitchell, Operations Manager at Yellow Tree Capital, commented on their challenges,

“In an ideal world you’d get as many CGIs as you could to assist off-plan efforts, but on some of the more expensive plots and family homes, people want to explore the house, see the kitchen and see the kids bedrooms and spaces – however the pricing and turnaround for these images can often be too high to justify” 


To help assist the partnership in their collective goals of selling their plots more efficiently, Modunite created some polished and detailed interior CGI images, helping potential buyers visualise their future home and giving a sense that the unfinished properties had a homely lived-in feel before they had even been finished. 

Beyond the still imagery, Modunite set about designing a smooth and fluid VR walkthrough. The use of VR in off-plan sales has proven extremely effective, including in this instance, with the user able to walk around their property at their own leisure, discovering every inch and angle of their potential new home and getting an almost tangible feel for it.

Clare continued,

“We found Modunites flexible approach great – we needed some images of the interior and some virtual reality to allow our customers to flythrough the property as if it was already built”


On the back of the marketing campaign that included the VR and interior CGI elements, Yellow Tree Capital and Canham Homes saw an immediate and significant uplift in engagement and inquiries. The VR package that Modunite assembled not only included the walkthrough itself, but an immediate call to action for users to click through on to learn more without having to use an actual VR headset, it can be viewed in great quality using a phone, tablet or computer. This allows for user intent and actions to be tracked accurately, whilst also offering added value to the prospective buyer.

Clare finished by saying,

“We couldn’t recommend Modunite’s services more to any of our joint partners who want to ensure all plots have maximum interest from the right type of buyers. Working with the Modunite team has been a pleasure. Their management portal is user-friendly and makes providing feedback straightforward. We wish we had worked with Modunite from from the start, it would be interesting to see how much faster we could have secured off-plan reservations from the get go!”


For more information on any of Modunite’s CGI visuals or VR walkthroughs get in touch today.

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