April 17, 2024

How CGI is transforming the property industry

No matter the size or style of a property, computer-generated imagery (CGI) can be used to help both buyers and sellers. For house hunters, having access to CGI provides them with a clearer picture of a property’s layout and design – both internally and externally. This can streamline the process by helping buyers narrow potential options down without having to physically view each site in person. For property developers and sellers, this cutting-edge technology can allow you to appeal to a wider audience and ensure your marketing campaigns leave a lasting impact, ultimately helping to bring your project to market more quickly.

Despite the obvious potential of modern architectural visualisation techniques, lots of developers are still missing out on the benefits. In this guide, we’ll explain what CGI is and explore how architects and property developers could stand to profit from professional image rendering.

What is CGI?

CGI is revolutionising the buying and selling process within the property market. This technology can provide clients with high-quality images to let them visualise how a space could be transformed into their future home or next development project. These images can be adjusted for lighting, different angles, and a range of materials for a far more detailed insight than traditional photography could offer.

There are lots of different options when it comes to CGI for property developers. At Modunite, we specialise in a wide range of products that can support you through the property sale process. Our cutting-edge 3D interior rendering software will exhibit the internal layout/appearance of a property, while 3D exterior rendering presents a more realistic picture of its kerb appeal – even if it’s still in the design phase.

Here are three different ways CGI can be used to bring a space to life:

  • Virtual tours. Virtual tours are becoming an increasingly valuable tool for property developers to have in their arsenal. They can transport prospective buyers inside a property, allowing them to inspect the layout and design in the finest detail. With this type of marketing collateral able to easily be shared on a website or through other digital channels, having a 360 virtual tour made of your property is a great way to reach a wider audience to help yield the best possible outcome from the process.
  • 3D floor plans. For many years, buyers have relied on 2D drawings or imagery when looking to understand the layout of a property. Relying on these traditional methods can leave prospective buyers confused, since they can be more difficult to interpret for anyone unfamiliar with architectural sketches. To take the guesswork out of it, CGI can be utilised to create 3D floor plans. These allow you to envisage the layout and depth of a property, while also highlighting where any potential changes need to be made.
  • Still CGIs. Often the first impression prospective buyers will get of a property, still images continue to have a pivotal part to play in the selling process. By leveraging property CGI technology, these still pictures can capture both interior and exterior elements in the highest detail to create the most compelling imagery possible. They provide a snapshot of the property, and help interested parties to make a more informed decision before committing to the next stage of the process.

How does 3D property visualisation help architects and property developers?

You can get buy-in from financiers

When looking to secure investment in a project, you’ll want to have the very best tools at your disposal, to help you present your vision in the most appealing and succinct way. You’ll only get one chance to make a good first impression to potential investors, and being armed with professionally rendered digital images is a great way to do just that. If a picture speaks a thousand words, CGI can express so many more.

They aid in planning and approval

Gaining approval to proceed with a property development can be a major stumbling block for any new project. To give yourself the best possible chance of getting the green light, it’s important to provide the necessary authorities with as much information as possible. At this stage, CGI can be an incredibly useful tool, making it easier for planners to visualise your designs and how they might impact the aesthetic of the surrounding area.

They eliminate misunderstandings with clients

A potentially misleading property listing is ultimately a huge waste of time for both sellers and buyers. If the images don’t reflect the layout of the property – or its exterior appearance – accurately, prospective buyers won’t be able to make an informed decision about whether or not they’d like to register their interest more formally. To remove the guesswork from the process, CGI is a powerful piece of marketing collateral, as the technology can exhibit a property in a higher level of detail, helping clients to form more accurate opinions of a space before attending an in-person viewing.

They can enhance your brand credibility

Modern home buyers expect to have access to the latest technology to help them navigate what can be an extremely complicated process. Any company that’s seen to be falling behind the competition in terms of their use of cutting-edge technology will find it more difficult to generate interest and achieve a sale as quickly. CGI is one of the most common ways in which technology is being used to market properties in the 21st century, and using this valuable tool will help to keep your brand ahead of the curve and appeal to the right audience.

CGI can allow you to sell properties earlier

Due to all these reasons listed above, integrating CGI technology into your marketing plan can ultimately streamline the selling process and help you bring your development to market more quickly. Overcoming any planning barriers, reducing the room for misunderstanding with clients, and boosting your own company’s credibility and trustworthiness will all help to attract more genuine interest in your project to bring about a more positive outcome.

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