May 9, 2024

Revolutionising Off-Plan Marketing (Case Study)

Case Study: Changing the World of Off-Plan Marketing with Modunite’s Flexible 3D CGI Services


Client Overview

GTH (Greenslade Taylor Hunt) is an auction and property specialist based in the West Country, UK. Already a key player in the industry, GTH looked to Modunite to help bolster their off-plan marketing strategy with new and engaging concepts to keep their marketing fresh and unique.

Owen Setter, Head of New Homes at GTH, sought the innovative solutions to enhance their developers’ off-plan marketing strategies, having faced challenges with traditional CGI companies’ rigid processes and high costs. Owen turned specifically to Modunite for a more adaptable approach to 3D CGI services.



Traditionally, the CGI services that had been used by or presented to Owen and his team offered limited flexibility, pressuring them into making early decisions about the type of CGI needed for individual projects without further opportunity to make adjustments later on. This lack of flexibility often led to increased costs and extended lead times to make necessary revisions, making it a less efficient process than it could have been.



Modunite stood out with its customer-centric approach, beginning each project with an in-depth consultation to understand specific needs and preferences. This collaborative planning phase was crucial in outlining a tailored CGI creation process that accommodated various requirements at different stages and allowed additional adaptability throughout.


Key Highlights of Modunite’s Approach:

    • Customised CGI Solutions: Modunite offered bespoke services, allowing for selective CGI creation based on project phases. Whether it was initial images or advanced video overlays, the focus was on meeting client-specific demands.
    • Transparent and Reasonable Pricing: Unlike the industry norm of presenting hefty quotes for additional requests, Modunite introduced a cost-effective pricing model. This approach ensured that clients were not deterred by price when considering enhancements to their CGI content.
    • Timely Deliveries: Recognising the importance of deadlines, Modunite committed to producing high-quality CGI within timelines that aligned with the client’s marketing schedules, ensuring no delays in promotional activities.


Owen and GTH experienced firsthand the difference that flexibility and openness in the CGI process could make. The ability to adjust and expand CGI content without facing prohibitive costs or delays proved invaluable. This adaptability meant that projects could be marketed effectively from the outset, or enhanced as needed without restarting the process.

Benefits Realised:

    • Increased Marketing Efficiency: By eliminating the need for premature CGI selections, GTH could adapt its marketing strategy in real time, ensuring materials were always aligned with sales objectives.
    • Cost Savings: The transparent and fair pricing model allowed for budget-friendly decisions on CGI adjustments, avoiding the financial strain typically associated with traditional CGI services.
    • Improved Sales Outcomes: The flexibility to enhance or amend CGI content as projects evolved contributed to more effective marketing efforts, allowing for quicker potential sales.



Owen Setter, Head of New Homes at GTH, said,

If you have some good quality CGIs as an example, it’s going to allow people to visualise what they’re purchasing much more easily. When you back that up with the kind of quality and flexibility that they’re buying with this CGI, that conversation with clients is really straightforward.

He went on to say,

When I presented the examples from your portfolio, there was a general consensus of ‘wow’ across the board.” 


Modunite’s bespoke and flexible approach to 3D CGI has provided the team at GTH an invaluable tool in their off-plan marketing arsenal. Modunite have not only been able to overcome the limitations of traditional CGI processes through the customisable and cost-effective solutions available, their responsiveness and quality also help to raise the standard of the industry and its output.

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