May 30, 2024

Urban Base sells all units off plan with aid from Modunite CGI

Case Study: How Urban Base estate agents sold all their plots Off-Plan with support from Modunite 3D CGI



Urban Base New Homes, a luxury new homes estate agent headquartered in the North of England, faced the pressing challenge to ensure all plots were sold quickly and efficiently for their client – Pimlico Homes. With buyers often hesitant to purchase off-plan without tangible visuals, Urban Base and Pimlico needed a quality CGI solution to convey the quality of the homes effectively.


Recognising the critical role of high-quality visuals in pre-sales marketing, Urban Base turned to Modunite for their renowned 3D CGI services. Modunite’s ability to produce detailed and inspiring CGIs at an affordable cost was pivotal. The team at Modunite delivered a series of vivid 3D renderings that captured the essence of the luxury homes, providing prospective buyers with a clear, evocative picture of what each property would look like upon completion.

Jan Dale, a leading figure in new homes at Urban Base, emphasised the importance of these visuals:

“Modunite CGI were a crucial part of our pre-sales marketing strategy and helped achieve all plots being sold.”


The collaboration proved to be very successful, ultimately with all plots being sold off-plan! With Modunite’s CGIs as a cornerstone of their marketing strategy, Urban Base was able to offer prospective buyers an immersive experience, allowing them to visualise their future homes with clarity and confidence. This strategy significantly enhanced buyer engagement and trust, ultimately resulting in the complete sale of all plots off-plan.




By providing more CGIs within the allocated budget, Modunite empowered Urban Base to present a comprehensive visual portfolio, ensuring that no detail was left to the imagination. This not only elevated the buying experience but also demonstrated the exceptional quality and unique value of the homes, driving swift and decisive purchasing decisions.

In summary, the use of Modunite’s 3D CGI services was instrumental in Urban Base’s successful sale of all plots for Pimlico Homes, underscoring the impact of high-quality, affordable architectural visualisations in real estate marketing.

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If you’re looking for an outstanding agent for your new homes marketing – get in touch with Jan Dale and her team: https://urban-base.com/land-new-homes/

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