July 8, 2024

Integrating off-plan developments with existing landscapes

Client Overview and Challenge

Duffy Property Group is an Irish property developer with decades of experience in building properties from the ground up. With a portfolio catering to diverse lifestyles and preferences, their expertise and experience ranges from luxurious residential complexes through to state-of-the-art commercial spaces.

The group approached Modunite to work alongside them on a mixed-use residential living and commercial office space project, after finding that allowing prospective clients and other parties to visualise how the buildings will look, internally and externally, on completion had a huge impact on the volume of leads and off-plan sales.

One of the key aspects for Duffy Property Group was the importance of how the buildings would interact with the existing surrounding landscape when in situ to ensure that the property blends in whilst remaining visually appealing, something that would benefit both sales strategies and planning processes alike.


It was vital for Duffy Property Group to work with a company that had experience and understanding across both commercial and residential properties, knowing how best to portray developments to get the best results. This is when the group approached Modunite, seeing the varied CGI projects that resonated with them for both residential apartment buildings and commercial office units.

We produced a comprehensive package for a multi-use residential and commercial development curated by Duffy Property Group. The package included external shots to represent a range of viewpoints, including aerial, low-angle and mid-level panoramic views. In addition, we would provide interior renders, showing not only empty true-to-size space but fully dressed office interiors, to enable those looking to lease the facilities a true understanding of how their workspace could look.


The CGIs produced would go on to become a key part of not only marketing the off-plan spaces themselves, but brand promotion for Duffy Property Group who could then showcase the development to represent their own brand.

The team were impressed with Modunite’s onboarding process and efficient delivery. “Modunite really understood the brief we gave them from the start” commented Mike Duffy, Development Director at Duffy Property Group.

He continued, “They worked through the design in just a matter of days, with feedback provided throughout the process”.

The visuals became a cornerstone of the marketing processes that Duffy Property Group employed for their off-plan activities, with the aim of improved internal communications within their teams and an additional medium to promote the project as part of their off-plan marketing strategy.

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