June 17, 2024

Utilising VR, video and CGI imagery to bring the pre-marketing process to life

Case Study: Utilising VR, video and CGI imagery to bring the pre-marketing process to life


Client Overview and Challenge

A new customer of Modunite, Stirling Ackroyd approached the team on behalf of their client to freshen up their brochures to include high quality CGI visuals. Finding that it was imperative to stand out from the competition, the London and South East based estate agents looked to Modunite for an affordable and inspiring solution. 

Rachel Hull, New Homes Sales Manager at Stirling Ackroyd, commented about their challenges,

We were looking to launch the development off-plan to begin with while the site was still under construction. Buyers would be able to come and take a look around the plot, however there was still a lot to be left to the imagination, which in a market where developers are competing with resale stock that buyers can walk into straight away meant that we needed to look towards CGI as a necessity for our marketing strategy.”

Understanding the importance of a clear USP in their marketing strategy, Stirling Ackroyd made clear their aspirations of creating a visually enticing brochure that would enable prospective buyers to browse photorealistic imagery of their property portfolio to bring the in-progress plots to life.



The solution to Stirling Ackroyd’s challenge was to come to Modunite, leaning on our experience and expertise in bringing property imagery to life and allow their homes to get many viewings via their marketing efforts in a timely and efficient manner.

In order to drive Stirling Ackroyd’s marketing forward, we provided a combination of still imagery, virtual reality walkthroughs and video content to showcase every angle and detail involved in each individual property to give prospective buyers a true to life experience of their potential new home before ever stepping foot inside.

The imagery has been utilised in various mediums, including listing the development on portals and online while also using it for the on-site hoardings and brochures that are sent out to buyers. 



The CGI visuals produced by Modunite made up a large portion of Stirling Ackroyd’s marketing for this project. With the development still ongoing, the CGI has been a vital tool in Stirling Ackroyd’s arsenal in order to show the prospective buyers what the final finish and detailed specifications will look like in their potential new home.

Rachel commented on the outcome of the project,

“I was very impressed with the final product produced, a lot of CGI produced comes out quite animated which is something we really wanted to avoid, so I was really happy when we got the final CGI back.

She went on to talk about her experience working with Modunite for the first time,

“The team was very professional from start to finish. Will onboarded us over a video call and walked us through what they could do for us and took the time to know exactly what we were after. Being our first time using Modunite there were some changes and amendments we needed to make very quickly and Will and his team prioritised, making sure that the end product was with us in time to launch.”


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